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Hot Topics
Ling Zhang Sequential letrozole/gonadotropin versus letrozole alone for ovulation induction in infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome: A randomized controlled trial
Xin Dai, Jingyi Li, Tian Fu, Xuefeng Long, Xiaoou Li, Ruiwen Weng, Yi Liu, Ling Zhang

RBMO Editor’s comments: Ovulation induction continues to be a key treatment for many patients, but there have been few developments to optimise this approach. This small RCT suggests that adding gonadotrophin stimulation to letrozole may have advantages. Perhaps also of relevance to FET IVF cycles in anovulatory women?

Keichi Kato Does embryo categorization by existing artificial intelligence, morphokinetic or morphological embryo selection models correlate with blastocyst euploidy rates?
Keiichi Kato, Satoshi Ueno, Jørgen Berntsen, Mikkel Fly Kragh, Tadashi Okimura, Tomoko Kuroda

RBMO Editor’s comments: The ability of blastocyst assessment models to predict euploidy is debatable. In this interesting study with a twist, scores assigned to (biopsied) embryos using 3 different models were maternal-age-stratified and the performance of each model in predicting euploidy was estimated and compared to the others using ROC analysis. The findings are interesting and their practical implications are well worth consideration.

M Cristina Magli Birefringence properties of human immotile spermatozoa and ICSI outcome
M. Cristina Magli, Andor Crippa, Davide Perruzza, Silvia Azzena, Serena Graziosi, Francesco Coppola, Carla Tabanelli, Anna P. Ferraretti, Luca Gianaroli

RBMO Editor’s comments: Distinguishing viable from non-viable sperm in asthenozoospermic samples presents a challenge during ICSI. Using polarized light microscopy, the authors identified and used differences in the birefringence of the sperm head, with good clinical results. There is an element of subjectivity in the methodology, and confirmation by other groups will be critical. 
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