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Sapthami Nadesapillai Deciding on future fertility: considerations of girls with Turner syndrome and their parents to opt for or against ovarian tissue cryopreservation
S. Nadesapillai, S. van der Coelen, L. Goebel, R. Peek, D.D.M. Braat, A.A.E.M. van der Velden, K.Fleischer, A.J.M. Oerlemans

RBMO Editor’s comments: The indications for fertility preservation are expanding, but particularly for ovarian tissue cryopreservation when the pathology lies within the ovary, there is a lot of uncertainty about its value. This paper explores the views of young women with TS and their parents on this challenging topic.

Shari Mackens Individualised luteal phase support using additional oral dydrogesterone in artificially prepared cycles for frozen embryo transfer: does it offer any benefit?
S. Mackens, F. Pais, P. Drakopoulos, S. Amghizar, C. Roelens, L. Van Landuyt, H. Tournaye, M. De Vos, C. Blockeel

RBMO Editor’s comments: An observational study suggesting the value of testing and adding progestogen when required. As the authors point out, there is a real need for RCTs to address this, before it becomes accepted but inadequately tested practice.
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