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What is Alpha?

Alpha is an international forum for scientists in reproductive medicine and a non-profit organization.

Alpha was “conceived” during the summer of 1994, by a group of scientists who, having witnessed the slow but steady progress of clinical developments which spread IVF/ART to every corner of the globe - followed by the more recent dramatic explosion in biotechnology and molecular biology which now dominate its practice - recognised that the establishment of clinical embryology with professional status and standards on an international basis had become imperative.  

An international society was proposed which could act as a forum for communication and exchange of ideas and information among scientists, technologists, and technicians working in the field of reproductive science.

Alpha was accepted as a Charitable Association in 1997 by the Charities Commission in the UK, with the following objects: “The advancement of the art and science of clinical embryology for the benefit of the public world-wide”. 
In 2010 Alpha became a Society incorporated according to the Swiss Civil Code Art. 60 et seq and is a non-profit society.

Alpha’s objectives are “To advance the art and science of clinical embryology for the benefit of the public worldwide, through international promotion of education, communication, and collaboration.” 




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