In Memoriam Professor Stanley Leibo

Professor Stanley Leibo, has from the start of his career at Brown University in the 1950s, devoted his research career for cryobiology. Prof. Leibo along with Profs. Peter Mazur and David Whittingham were pioneers in the research on freezing of mammalian embryos in the 70s. They explored the principals of cryobiology (such as different cryoprotectants, cooling and warming rate, final subzero temperature, mechanisms of ice formation etc.) that might influence survival of mouse oocytes. The result of his research has been extremely valuable for refinement and improvement of cryopreservation methods, to the successful attainment of current protocols in human IVF.

Professor Leibo was a man with an enormous capacity for teaching and an insatiable scientific curiosity that led him to reach great achievements in the field of cryobiology that has benefited all the millions of couples trying to achieve a pregnancy through IVF. 

It was really a pleasure to have him in the Alpha cryoconsensus meeting, where in addition to make a valuable contribution, he gave us the opportunity to enjoy his friendly proximity. 

Rest in peace
Alpha Scientists in Reproductive medicine

Dr. Leibo (second from the right), surrounded
by delegates at Alphas Cryopreservation Consensus
Meeting. Dr. Leibo contributed with his valuable 
insights that helped make the meeting highly 





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