Alpha concensus on the Professional Status of Clinical Embryologists

7-8 May, 2014 in Antalya, Turke

Underlying premise:

Government regulation of ART is constantly increasing globally, including the licensing of clinics and the staff working in them, as well as expanding accreditation schemes for ART centres. Combined, these factors make it ever more apparent that the critical role of the clinical embryologist, and effective ART lab direction and management, are not always properly recognized by all regulatory authorities and professional associations.

The Alpha Board has decided that the topic for the third global Alpha Consensus meeting will be on establishing the minimum expectations for the professional status of the clinical embryologist. In doing this Alpha is not trying to dictate to regulators, but is certainly seeking to educate them in what makes clinical embryology a special and unique profession – and how we must protect the interests of infertile patients around the world and strive towards ensuring they have equitable access to the best possible care and treatment.

As with the already published reports from Alpha’s two previous consensus meetings, our goal is to establish and expand the minimum requirements for clinical embryology staff to ensure safe and effective ART lab operation, while providing a framework for achieving quality and excellence.

Based on the summary texts provided by the session presenters, discussion summaries, and the agreed consensus points, a Consensus Report will be prepared and presented to the Alpha membership at the Biennial Conference immediately which follows immediately after the consensus meeting. The Report will also be published under the authorship of Alpha (again with the names of all participants listed in the text) in our official journal Reproductive Biomedicine Online.

If you, as Alpha members, feel that a specific topic should also be reviewed/discussed during the Consensus meeting, please feel free to send your suggestion to the Alpha office ([email protected]) and your request/information will certainly be taken into consideration.

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